Download KLWhatsApp Ultimate APK Latest Version 6.60 February 2019

Download the Newest Version of KLWhatsApp Ultimate APK 6.60 February 2019 – From time to time, the number of modified WhatsApp apps with many features are getting more as well. In this article, you will learn more about one of the apps, namely WhatsApp MOD with some additional features. Furthermore, it also has the feature of GBWhatsApp; it is KLWhatsApp Ultimate. Here is the information.

What is KLWhatsapp Ultimate?

KLWhatsapp Ultimate is a modified Whatsapp app by Karam Lord. It’s modified with some additional features along with their updates. This app gives some features previously only in GBWhatsApp. The way to look for it, you only need to enter the setting menu and then GB settings. For the details, you can see in the picture below.

App NameKLWhatsApp Ultimate
Current Version6.60
App Size40MB
DeveloperKaram Lord

It can be concluded that the uniqueness of this app compared to any other WhatsApp MOD apps is regarding the additional features of GB Setting and KL Settings. Therefore, this feature likely has two MOD setting features only in an app only. If you are curious about how the features look like, the followings are the features in KLWhatsApp to inform.

The New Features of KLWhatsApp Ultimate

  • (Exclusive) now, you can change the setting of the font style plus some options,
  • (Exclusive) the additional button to send the picture of heart on the chat screen just like in the Instagram,
  • (Exclusive) adding the options to transfer the chats to the KLWhatsapp by clicking the button (tap Copy and then install the second version, back to the chat from the WhatsApp and do it in your second number),
  • (Exclusive) adding the option to place the contact name on the left or on the middle of the calling screen,
  • (Exclusive) adding the option to change the icon’s color of Log, Call, and Delete in the action panel in the calling screen,
  • (Exclusive) an additional option to hide an show the private option in the menu,
  • (Exclusive) an additional option to hide and show the scheduled message in the menu,
  • (Exclusive) the options are added in the “Hide group message options: for the group in the menu,
  • (Exclusive) the options are added in the “Hide to restart” in the menu,
  • (Exclusive) there is a new option of “Hide the group” option in the menu,
  • (Exclusive) there is an option to hide the option of the clear log option in the menu,
  • (Exclusive) there is an option to hide the new calling icon in the action bar,
  • (Exclusive) there is an option to hide the private status in the menu,
  • (Exclusive), adding the new option to hide the status display option in the menu,
  • Showing the auto reply option in the menu,
  • Showing the old station option in the menu,
  • Hiding the starred message option in the menu,
  • Hiding the WhatsApp Web option in the menu,
  • Adding the Proxy option (VPN) in the WhatsApp,
  • Adding more options in  the Toast setting,
  • Hiding the chats and contacts in the “Continue” part,
  • Change the style of the main screen,
  • Hide the video and attachment icons,
  • Hiding the contact names on the main and status screens, in the contacts, logs, contact information, and more,
  • The old emojis are available,
  • Inserting the name, status, and number in the bar,
  • Hiding the latest , inactive, and seen status,
  • Options to change the font chats and to show the Auto Text feature,
  • Other styles for the entries,
  • Switch account is available
  • The German in the language app,
  • And inactivating the notification when playing the voice message.

Link to Download KLWhatsApp Ultimate APK Latest Version 6.60 February 2019

KLWhatsApp Ultimate

KLWhatsApp+ Ultimate 6.60 (com.whatsapp) :

KLWhatsApp Ultimate 6.60 (com.klwhatsapp) :


KL+GBWhatsApp Ultimate 6.60 (com.gbwhatsapp) :

(Notes: If you want to use two/three acoount in different number phone, choose besides com.whatsapp)

How to Download

  1. Click DOWNLOAD below this then you will automatic transferred to Mediafire web
  2. After you on Mediafire, you just click green button then download beginDownload KLWhatsApp

Then how to instal it? See the following below

How to Install

  1. Before you install it, please check your Unknown Source it’s turned on or not yet on settings each smartphone. To avoid installation rejection. 
  2. Find your KLWhatsApp on File Manager or Downloads menu on your browser that you use to download it.File Manager & Download Menu
  3. If you already find, click the file and then install until finish.
  4. Open your installation results then click agree and continueAgree & Continue
  5. Insert your number phone.Number Phone (Important: Please don’t use the inactive number and not intergrated on smartphone. This things aiming to make it easy verification number progress and chat activity especially calling)
  6. Insert your verification code.Insert Verification Code If you receive verification code via messages, automatically will verified. If you not yet receive verification code in 30 second/1 minutes, please request for code with click Resend SMS (Messages) or Call Me (You will get telephone and then the code is mentioned) with notes don’t request more than three times. Because it will appear time pause resend code.
  7. Complete it your profile with pics and name.
  8. Done.

That’s all for KLWhatsApp with the new features, link download, how to download and step by step to install. Hope you like and make your chat activity more experience. Don’t forget to back to this site for monitor updates from next WhatsApp MOD!


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